Dancing the Lambada in Limbo

What does one do when one does nothing but 'do'? And other elongated statements lacking profundity.

I guess my thoughts on the matter lead to The Afghan Whigs being what INXS could have been. Neither left their scenario with the audience…haven’t found that adjective in my mind as I write this.

See above.

Right, so. The last post was meant to be the last post re: Afghan Whigs tonight. It wasn’t. For good reason as demonstrated here.

Just to finish off the Afghan Whigs ‘love-in’. Reading Festival used to be genuinely incredible.

The first Afghan Whigs song I heard, courtesy of The NME’s best compilation ever. In fact, possibly the best compilation CD ever. It also featured Boards of Canada, The Third Eye Foundation, Boards of Canada, Quasi and many more. Basically, it was fucking incredible.

Mercury Rev ‘Endlessly’ Elliott Smith ‘Pictures Of Me’ Arab Strap ‘Piglet’ The Afghan Whigs ‘Somethin’ Hot’ Royal Trux ‘Stevie (For Stevie S)’ Quasi ‘I Never Want To See You Again’ Leila ‘Won’t You Be My Baby, Baby’ Third Eye Foundation ‘A Galaxy Of Scars’ Boards Of Canada ‘Roygbiv’ Jurassic 5 ‘Concrete Schoolyard’ MDK ‘Acid Rave (All The Girls Love An)’ Godspeed You Black Emperor! ‘The Dead Flag Blues’
Read more at http://www.nme.com/news/elliott-smith/925#lhGewdt3dHZ1U7tZ.99

The Afghan Whigs not only possess one of the greatest band names ever. They also brought one of the greatest songs of the 1990s. The LP cover is brilliant too. Crikey! What a provocative bunch.

Jesus Jones - Zeroes and Ones (The Prodigy Versus Jesus Jones Mix)

Back when The Prodigy were incredibly exciting, rather than disappointingly uninspired, Liam Howlett produced this incredible remix. It easily ranks up there with the best of The Prodigy and indeed any dance tunes of the era and it still holds up today. There’s a real disparity going on between the excitement and the discipline here. It makes you want to let loose in the wildest atmosphere, yet is constantly grounded in some sort of quasi-reality. I’m still stunned by how overlooked this is since it’s one of the greatest things Liam Howlett ever put his mind to.

Boards of Canada - Pete Standing Alone

Great video by Ben Capraro. I would recommend listening to the music before watching the video, yet you may have already bypassed this advice. ‘Music Has The Right To Children’ remains a stunning piece of music and this is one of my favourite pieces inside it.

Bubbah’s Tum - Dirty Great Marble (Boards of Canada Mix). Hadn’t heard this until a few minutes ago. More gorgeous BoC.

Continuing the Hell Interface love.
Colonel Abrams - ‘Trapped’ (Hell Interface edit)

Midnight Star - The Midas Touch (Hell Interface remix). http://www.boardsofcanada.com/

One of my favourite tunes. In fact, you can rank all Hell Interface up there with my favourites.